Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Playahhs...

Al_Powell - A friend who lives in the hated Moorsetown boo Married to Sue below
Amy_Craley - Daughter of Brown Eyed Gail and Austin Craley
Austin_Craley - Friend and Neighbor
Chimp - a Random selection of picks
DaDonnellys - All the Donnelly Family - Friends and Nieghbors in Mount Laurel
Dan_Craley - Middle Son of of Brown Eyed Gail and Austin Craley
Jordan - My 15 year old son
Mike_Falciani - Me
Ryan_the_great - Oldest Son of Gail and Austin
Steve_Falciani - My Brother in Calif
Sue_Powell - More Moorsetown boo
austizzle_fizzle - My Youngest Son Austin
brown_eyed_gail - Gail Craley
karen_f - Are there other Karens on here? Why the f?
patrick - My Nephew Patrick but really my Dad, Al.


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