Friday, March 16, 2007

A fine start.

After one day of play it looks like we have a fine start with a tie between my brother Steven from Anaheim Hills, Ca and John Donnelly. Both got to the top via divergent paths with John selecting a Duke defeat but betting "with the horse" and selecting Bobby Knight's Texas Tech and Steven picking opposite.

Dan Craley is third.

For a while it looked like Marianne AKA "Don't pick an upset" Kannegiser was going to run away with it but the upsets finally started coming in after the dinner hour.

Just about everyone fell for the 12 over 5 Old Dominion over Bulter and Penn fooled just about everyone.

The automated scripts are in place and will record the standings here hourly during game days say that we have a record and so that when Austin Craley swears that he was leading "for a while" we have some proof.

MIA this year are the Powells. I sent emails but only received out of office replies.

Dad is not playing due a bad case of Vista.


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