Sunday, March 18, 2007

Who is Nizzle Fizzle?

After one and half rounds someone named "Nizzle Fizzle" has taken the lead riding Vanderbilt to the top after an upset over Washington State in double overtime. So the question is "Who is this mysterious Nizzle Fizzle?". Before I reveal who is, let me say he is a close friend of Pansey (FOP) and has picked Vandy in previous tournaments but this is the first time it is paying off.

I am not sure this run will last however so Nizzle Fizzle maybe a passing fancy, a johnny-come-lately and next week we may very well be saying "What ever happened to Nizzle Fizzle"? For now let My Youngest Son have his day in the sun. Next weekend may not be so kind to Vandy and Nizzle.

The Trash talk seems to be heating up between Austin C and Steven of California. Nothing more today yet but I can feel that it may be interesting. It be more interesting if Austin were winning but is mired in the middle of the pack with a pedestrian 13th place.

Good Luck to all.


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